Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sunday roundup (05-26-13)

Single bank watchdog becomes mammoth project for ECB (Reuters)

The Fed's Real Worry - A Pick Up In Deflation (streettalklive)

One Of The Biggest Forces That's Been Holding Back The Economy Is Finally About To Disappear (The Business Insider) States: Mo Money Mo Problems (Calculated Risk blog) California Faces a New Quandary, Too Much Money (The New York Times)

We’re Spending Fewer Federal Dollars On Infrastructure Than We Have In 20 Years (National Memo)

40 Statistics About The Fall Of The U.S. Economy That Are Almost Too Crazy To Believe (Mens News Daily)

Suddenly bankrupt: People with great credit scores are hurtling into crisis (The Financial Post)

Hot Trend in Automobiles: Not Owning One (CNBC)

     The aim of this blog is to show (mostly from reports in mainstream respected news sources) that there is reason to believe that both the United States and the global economies remain fragile in the wake of the financial crisis of 2008 and that a number of threats that exist today could, if they worsened, bring about economic depression -- not just a minor depression, but a depression worse than the Great Depression. This blog further attempts to show that the financial crisis of 2008 was largely a result of the devastating consequences of excessive risk taking and the absence of effective regulation of such behavior. Furthermore, this blog maintains that not only have the lessons that should have been learned from this experience not been learned, but that the risks to the economy, including the persistent building up of "too big to fail" institutions, have actually increased since the crisis began. Finally this blog also brings to light, from time to time, reports of a parallel threat to economic well-being developing in the energy industry, which suggest an energy shock may be coming much closer in time than is generally imagined.

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